Why Share your Story of Grief? A Closer Look

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Turning Grief to Grace™

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Turning Grief to Grace™ with Treasured Memories® Fine Keepsake Jewelry.

Treasured Memories® believes that to share your story of grief is one of the most important steps of healing. We are proud to extend the offer of sharing your story with us on our Facebook Page. To share a story of grief means more than one might think, and we’ve taken a closer look at how sharing your own story can be just as helpful for others as it is for yourself.

A History of Silence

Matthew Toren, a Contributer at Entrepreneur Magazine, explains why some would be compelled to keep their grief to themselves, saying “Most of us are so ingrained in a “fake it until you make it” mindset that we bury our struggles as far under the surface as possible. We downplay our failures, rationalize, hide our fears and project a sublime life to everyone around us. Since we’re all so good at pretending everything is going great, why bring your story of struggle to the world?”

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Treasured Memories® Fine Keepsake Jewelry encouraging all to break the cycle of buried grief.

And this practice is not at all new. In 800 BC, the Greek writer Homer, in his epic, The Odyssey, tells the story of Telemachus a man with extreme aversion to sharing his grief who used opium to soothe his pain and forget his worries instead of confiding in his peers. Not unlike this, people in both social and societal environments have been made to feel like their emotions are somehow a weakness. In actuality, we at Treasured Memories® believe sharing with your peers can denote quite the opposite character trait: It is courageous and cathartic.

Toren (Entrepreneur Magazine) agrees, “Publicly admitting to the hardships of your experience is scary. .  Opening up in that way about your life. . . requires courage and being courageous requires practice. Be honest and open with the world about the good and the bad. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you gain from others.”

Making the Change

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Turning Grief to Grace™ with Treasured Memories® Fine Keepsake Jewelry.

So how can we become more open to sharing our grief? It starts with honesty. Some people have a habit of lying to tell everyone around them what they think they want to hear. Whether we recognize it or not, not sharing our true thoughts, emotions, and experiences block people out and keeps the bad feelings in. So easily, we become closed off completely from our loved ones since nobody knows what we really feel. To be open, do your best to be honest about yourself and your experiences.

WikiHow.com suggests practicing self-disclosure more often, saying “Self-disclosure builds trust because, in a way, you make yourself a little vulnerable to the other person. Because of this, self-disclosure can be very difficult, especially for people who have been hurt in the past. If you have trouble with self-disclosure, try going slowly at first before becoming very open.”

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ~Confucius 

While your grief may be difficult, but the fact that you have the chance to share can be very inspiring for others. Be honest with others to also help to release some of the grief you may feel from past experiences and to open the page for new ones. Keepsake Jewelry and Memorial Jewelry can be a tangible, and accessible way to start doing just that.

Being Proud of Your Courage

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Treasured Memories® Lockets filled with your honest, heartfelt engraving make a perfect gift for Turning Grief to Grace™.

Our emotions are part of what makes us humans and sharing is an important part of that. So, while you may not want to start your autobiography just yet, take some time to visit Treasured Memories® Facebook Page for a place where you can Share Your Story and practice Turning Grief to Grace™. Or with a visit to the Treasured Memories® online shop for engravable fine Keepsake Jewelry and Cremation Jewelry. Our Memorial Jewelry is personal, discreet, and allows you to be in control of how much information you are sharing with others. Our lockets provide a canvas for you to share your experience as a gift to a loved one. Or as a simple token of healing for yourself.

You may also consider keepsake jewelry that can be a conversation starter. Some of our most unique cremation pendants include the Aura™ Collection, with designs by Lila Nemirovsky. Simple engraving on these Venetian Glass pendants is a great way to show off your personal style. It’s message can be kept close to your heart.

So, your story can be shared whenever you are ready to share it. To thank you for sharing your story with our Treasured Memories® family, please enjoy 15% off your next purchase using shareable coupon code: MyStory15 . Click here to Share Your Story or Shop our Collections.

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Turning Grief to Grace™ with Treasured Memories® Fine Keepsake Jewelry.