Beauty From Loss

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Various religions and cultural communities from around the world honor mourn and celebrate the afterlife differently.

World Religions and Deathcare

Peoples from all across the globe view the loss of loved ones from various perspectives. Some cultures express grief in wearing black and professing their sorrowful emotions, while others wear white and celebrate the funeral day with smiles and joy.

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Beauty from Bereavement

The topic of loss is a sensitive subject for people of all cultural and religious backgrounds. In Mexican culture, the deceased are celebrated during the national holiday Dia de Los Muertos. In Buddhist culture, the spirit of the departed goes through phases, “bardos,” and at the end the “person either enters nirvana” or is reincarnated. In traditional Judaism, it’s believed “that death is not the end of human existence.” Despite the differences, the unified theme amongst these is finding beauty in the event.

Beauty from Bereavement